Keep Your Water Supply Safe

Rely on us for wastewater services in Kyle, New Braunfels, San Antonio & San Marcos, TX

Water is what we do. C&R Environmental is the operations partner that helps municipalities, municipal utility districts and industries deliver clean, quality drinking water all over Texas every day. We understand it's a big responsibility, and as your trusted partner we will provide peace of mind.

From Water Treatment Plants, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Groundwater Systems, Distribution Systems, and Collection systems our expert staff have helped solve our clients' challenges for 15 years. We know those challenges aren't getting any easier. Aging infrastructures, dwindling O&M resources, regulatory complexity and cost constraints put constant pressure on our clients to do more with less.

water treatment facility new braunfels tx

What can you expect from our team?

We understand the new technologies that treatment plants rely on. With over 50 different systems operated by our staff over the last 15 years we have answers for every problem.

Our services range from Operations, Electrical Maintenance, Line Maintenance, Line Installation, Meter reading, Meter replacement, Consulting, and Budget Management. We are truly the one stop shop for your water and wastewater utility needs.