We reached out late in the day to schedule an assessment, and they made time for us that evening! Extremely professional and personable, was spot on with the assessment and plan and made customers out of us for sure. They care about the quality and reputation they represent, and it will show in their business.

Patrick Burns

I am extremely thankful for how informative Gerald was about maintenance/repair on our aerobic system. He was very transparent about the cost, processes, and availability. Huge weight lifted off our shoulders.

Jenn Burns

Gerald was very quick to answer when I called about an issue with my septic system. He is very knowledgeable in what he does and transparent to me as the customer about the problems. Will be using him in the further and recommending him to others

Rebecca Mcclure

C&R Environmental & Septic is knowledgeable , professional and responsive. They are able to trouble shoot septic system problems and are professionals when it comes to new septic system installations. I highly recommend this company!

Codi Andrada

Gerald and his team are, simply put, amazing. 100% trustworthy, prompt and could write the book on how septic systems run. I can't tell you how happy I am to have him back and caring for our environmental and septic systems. We're lucky to be included as a client!!!

Matt Klein

Could not be more impressed with C&R Environmental. Gerald was extremely knowledgeable about how our system worked and took the time to walk through the steps on how to maintain the system. We have had several providers out to our house to try and diagnose the problem and Gerald was able to resolve the issue within minutes.

Alan Mire

I can't say enough great things about this company! I run 3 buissness & the customer service and quality of work that came out of this small buissness was excellent.

We were in Hawaii for 2 weeks when we had a emergency at one of our rentals. Not only were they quick to respond but when they found out we were traveling with family they handled everything for us. Even though there was more than one buisness involved in fixing our septic, they made the phone calls and coordinated everything at no extra cost. The peice of mind of knowing you're in good hands & everything being handled was priceless. We are long term customers for sure!

Thank you C&R for taking care of us!
Melanie Norman

Melanie Norman

Gerald at C & R arrived quickly in an urgent need to repair my septic system.
These guys did a great job, but most importantly walked me through the process explaining why I had been having the issues and how to best fix them. I highly recommend C & R Environmental and Septic.

Randy Hunt

Excellent, professional, and not there to waste your time and/or money. One of their employees came out on the weekend and checked out my septic tank. He quickly and accurately recognized that the issue was plumbing instead of septic. He didn't even charge me for the time he spent!!!! The employee gave me some excellent advice going forward with my septic system. I will use them again for sure.

Dana Powell

It is an absolute pleasure to write this review of this company. Gerald Connell shines far above his competitors in this profession. I know many of you have over the years have struggled to find a reputable septic installation and repair company. For over 15 years I searched for such a company. Luckily for me, I found C&R Environmental and Septic Services late last night and by 8 am this morning he was on his way to solve a rather complex situation I had. I contracted with a different septic company a week before for a rather simple project and by the end of the week speaking as a layman, I was looking at an unfinished and rather expensive incomplete disaster. Gerald listened to my concern late last night when I called his number. I could tell from the very beginning that this is a good man and a professional in his field. His response to my needs was timely and thank goodness I finally found a professional in the field. If you have been frustrated seeking such an organization, take my word for it that C&R Environmental & Septic Services is at the top of its class. Look no further. His work is top notch and so very reasonable in cost. I could not give a higher rating to this company that I am giving now. A+ indeed as the Better Business Bureau lists him as an BBB Accredited organization on their website.

Eric Glaser

I Highly Recommend C&R Environmental! They have GREAT customer service! From the beginning Gerald Connell was quick to respond & answered all of my questions. They removed my old septic & put in a new aerobic septic system at a good price and within a timing manner. Hector & all the other employees I met were very helpful and did a great job. I would give them 10 stars if I could.

Angela Svoboda

Wow! Seriously did not expect to be able to address our on site septic issue SAME DAY! Yep for real. Gerald was completely available and transparent with options on repair; he came out to our rural property and diagnosed the issue himself - he was able to address problem immediately so that we were able to continue to use our system safely while giving us options going forward to fix our problem permanently. Gerald was completely willing to work with us on a tier of levels from showing us how to fix the issue ourselves all the way to turnkey fix by his company - absolutely recommend C&R Environmental for all your septic needs. Thank you Gerald!

Mike Muehe

Gerald was very quick to answer when I called about an issue with my septic system. He is very knowledgeable in what he does and transparent to me as the customer about the problems. Will be using him in the further and recommending him to others

Rebecca Mcclure